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Partnering with school districts and other organizations to provide high quality educational consulting, meeting the needs of culturally and linguistically diverse students.

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High Impact Educational Consulting Services

Teaching and Learning Connections core beliefs are grounded around high-impact methodologies. High-impact consulting is based on the premise that although the consultant’s expert solutions are vital to the success of any consulting project, it is equally as crucial for consultants to ensure that clients absorb, use, and benefit from the suggested recommendations. Client success is carefully considered and included as part of all consulting projects. High-impact consulting is successful when consultants, partner, and collaborate with clients by taking large projects and breaking them into smaller subprojects.  The subprojects focus on near-term goals that both parties are reasonably confident can be achieved in a shorter time frame.

Teaching and Learning Connections assists clients by providing the necessary training and tools needed to implement suggested recommendations. We help our clients tap into their knowledge and assist them in developing new skills. 


We focus on providing best practices and services to districts and families in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas.   Our team of experts is highly skilled in creating and delivering exceptional professional development, using research-based practices, tailored to meet the needs of our customers, as well as, develop and deliver Parent Training in Spanish and English.


We also offer support and coaching services for Directors or Supervisors of Special Education, Gifted and Talented, Bilingual Education, and Section 504, to ensure compliance with state and federal mandates. 

Additionally, we conduct program evaluations designed to meet the needs of schools, as well as compliance monitoring services for Special Education, Section 504, and Bilingual/ESL. 

Furthermore, Teaching and Learning Connections educational consulting firm offers translation and interpretation services, focusing on terminology specific to the field of education, including, but not limited to Special Education, Gifted and Talented, Bilingual Education, and Section 504. 


Teaching and Learning Connections Educational Consulting firm conducts Culturally Responsive Pyscho-Educational Evaluations for Special Education, including Dyslexia, for public schools, private schools, and charter schools.  We also provide Independent Educational Evaluations (IEEs). 

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A Comprehensive Approach

Dr. Ricardo Montalvo, Director of Bilingual/ESL

With a plethora of experiences and knowledge, Dr. Chen can vastly enhance your program. She has a great deal of credibility and is a highly respected presenter across the state. Specifically, Dr. Chen is knowledgeable in Response to Intervention, high-leverage practices, evidence-based practices and strategies, second language acquisition theories, at-risk student populations, designing individualized education programs, specially designed instruction, etc. She brings much to the table and shares it willingly.

Dr. Michelle Parsons, Special Programs Coordinator

Dr. Chen’s performance is characterized by hard work and dedication, organization, high merit and attention to detail. She exhibits professional communication skills, always maintaining appropriate interactions with colleagues, peers, other professionals and students. Additionally, Dr. Chen has a wide range of experience in the education field that make her an excellent resource and extraordinary role model.

Mikki Perry, Region 8 Educational Consultant

 It has been my privilege to work with Dr. Chen at Region 8 ESC where she has presented multiple times. Not only has she been a presenter at Region 8, but she has also been instrumental in increasing my understanding of serving and supporting English Language Learners in our Region. I know that I can contact Dr. Chen with any questions or concerns that I may have and she will know how to proceed with that situation. She has been extremely valuable in increasing the knowledge base of professionals in our area regarding best practices related to English Language Learners.


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